Yellow Collar Careers: The Future of Work

No matter who you are, how old, what interests you have or where you are headed, the Yellow collar world will either adore you or eliminate you in the very near dear future.

In the field of work and the way humans have evolved in the nature of work we do is very interesting. We are all familiar with the blue collar workers and white collar workers. What then are yellow collar workers?

Okay! very quickly refreshing our basics.

Blue collar workers :Long long ago… before you were born, these guys or gals are basically folks who used their physical energy to get things done. You know like a plumber, electrician, driver, etc.

They would get paid based on the amount of time they spent. Hence their pay was called Wages. This was mostly before and during the industrial revolution, you know when people started working in these massive factories.

White collar workers:Well, these guys are everywhere right? There is an unwritten rule that they are more superior than the blue collar workers, simply because they work indoors, get paid more and they mostly get paid for their brain power than the physical power. Guys like doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, etc.

Over the past two decades the gap between these two races have become nearly zilch. How, you say?

Your cab driver earns more than your cousin who works at an IT firm. He is also his own boss. When the cabbie uses his brain power to choose when he prefers to drive, he is calculating when best he can earn the most money. He may even be working lesser hrs than your cousin in his fancy white collar job.

Let us try another one. It is easier to find an engineer in your city than a plumber who can immediately fix that broken water pipe. Hence this plumber in demand gets paid more too.

Yellow Collar workers: Now enter the era of yellow collar workers. Some people call it the Future of Work.

Have you ever heard of machines replacing people? Lemme give ya some quick examples:

Dr Devi Shetty, the veteran cardiac surgeon quotes unquotes, that the machines will perform surgeries, as they are already doing at Narayana Hrudayalaya. The next best surgeons will be the next best video gamers.

The company that manufactures the hardware of iPhones is called Foxconn. A decade ago they had 1 million workers and 10,000 robots. Today, they have 1 million robots and 10,000 workers who take care of these robots.

You get the picture?

Yellow Collar workers are the next generation of workers, which demands new skills and attitudes.

So how can you be a Yellow collar worker? Quite simple actually!

Let us take this simple checklist:

Do what you love: This is no longer a cliche or a philosophy. It is the survival Mantra of the future. Ever wonder why yellow in the yellow collar worker? Simply cos the color yellow represents happiness and joy. When we do what we love, we are happy people, hence we perform better and learn better. 

Right brain dominant: Most people believe that the human brain is divided into left and right brain.Pretty much everything that the left brain does can be done by machines. so the only way humans can survive and dominate the future is by using the power of their right brain. So don’t think that you can be rude to someone and get away with it. To know more read the book A Whole new mind by Daniel Pink.

Jack of all trades and Master of at least one: Sounds quite the opposite of what we have heard. Being a jack of all trades used to be more like an insult. Not anymore. Let us take your teacher. She isn’t just supposed to teach but also be good at managing technology, counselling students, Managing events, public speaking, writing and a whole bunch of things. As a yellow collar worker you can’t just be an idea person, you must have the various skills needed to execute them. A plain guitarist ain’t enough, be a singer, a sound engineer a photographer , a lyricist etc. That is how you stand out.

Competence for money: This is the only era where age and experience is not measured on the number of years you spent. Quality is more important than quantity. Can you get the job done? Can you produce results? If yes, you get paid. It is not the qualification that you hold but the skills you have. Get familiar with people asking you in an interview "What can you do?"

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Mala Mary Martina CEO, I Love Mondays

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