What are the latest trends in careers?

Change is the only constant and the world of careers is no different. Careers have experienced a dramatic change from Blue collar careers where people traded time for money, to White collar careers where people traded knowledge for money, to the current scenario of Yellow Collar Careers where we are expected to trade competence for money.

This year has been continuing this need for increased competence with the following trends in careers.

1. Automation

The buzz word that is making huge news! All processes that can be automated are being automated. Looking at the stand point of replacing jobs, though the view point might seem to be depressing, the other side to this story is that a lot of jobs required to automate processes are emerging at a rate higher than ever. The crux of it is to not replicate what a machine can do, but to learn to run a machine.

2. You’re here to stay

Organizations do not want to invest time and money on people who are going to leave them at the end of a short term if they are valuable long term assets anymore. They want people who can consistently deliver value. If you can be banked upon for creativity, judgment, and personal skills time and again, you are definitely here to stay.

3. The frills are headed out

Flashy perks which offer no measurable growth to the companies are being curtailed. Instead providing benefits like pension plans and health care packages that take care of personal aspects of an employee as well would be pre-dominantly offered and in the long run will be more beneficial to potential employees.

4. Tech start-ups

Technology led start-ups in education, finance and media with a boom in Artificial Intelligence and IOT will provide a huge opportunity for people who are tech savvy to find their niche and excel.

5. Cultural Fit

Organizations today don’t just look for the skills you possess, but how well you can synergize with the rest of the team and the company mind-set. Fitting into the culture of the company is just as important as your skills in the role you are playing in the organization.

Keep these things in mind as you find the way forward in careers. But remember change is a constant, which means by the time you graduate and look for a career to build the scenario might have changed yet again, so be mindful – Do what you love, be really good at it, and connect with the right people in the field.

- Rashmi Ramesh

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