'We just need to Parent, and they will show us the way.'

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Ms. Sandhya Viswan- An entrepreneur, facilitator, educator and most importantly, a wonderful mother, in conversation with the “The Yellow Collar Times” (the monthly newsletter for Parenting teens.)

Sandhya is one among those few parents in our country who chooses home schooling for the education of her children. When asked about her experience and learning as a parent, she was kind enough to share her story;

Q: “Does home schooling facilitate the overall development or does it, in any way, hinder the child’s social life?”

“We as parents actually don’t have to work around the overall development as such, because the child is let out into the real world and environment. Besides being educated, they also learn how to deal with different people and meet like-minded people eventually. So socialization is the least of our concerns.”

Q. “Why are parents still not very comfortable with home schooling as an option?”-

“The problem is actually with the word ‘Home Schooling”. We should instead, be called educators. Parents are usually concerned about how can their children can perform team building activities or sports or anything of the like, but we can actually cater to the child’s needs accordingly. We need to understand that even in a class of 20, even the best teacher has to divide the attention, but in home schooling, your child will be taught the same lesson more effectively. They have more freedom to take up a hobby class and develop their skills. The extra-curricular activities can be taken further seriously and not just as an exposure.”

Q. “Can homeschooling get expensive?”

“Yes, it can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. As a parent, you don’t have to spend on a costly package that is offered in schools. You get to choose what you want to spend on for the betterment of your child.”

Q. “How difficult is it to play a dual role {parent and a teacher}?”

“We as parents are more like facilitators. It sure is a lot of effort to play both the parts, but we know that many schools teach children to succeed, rather save themselves from failure. As parents, we can teach them to learn from their mistakes and facilitate their healthy growth. Initially I would recommend de-schooling to every parent who wants to try home schooling. We need to get the conventional routine out of our systems to educate and guide our children better.”

At the end of the day,

“We need to Parent and they will show us the way”

Interviewed and written by Muskan Raj

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