Top 10 Skills of the Future!

The world is constantly changing ( or growing ).

Are we?

The benchmarks have changed and so have the rules.

Have we accepted them?

We cannot compete with our obsolete skills. Self-learning is not optional anymore. And nor is being a dinosaur.

So where do we start?

You may be a parent in the workforce, an adult looking at rediscovering yourself or even a teenager trying to pave your way for the future.

Here is where you can get started.

The World Economic Forum published Top 10 skills we need for the future. And this is a great starting point for us all.

We cannot predict the careers of the future. We cannot say for sure what jobs will remain and what will vanish without a trace. The good news is that we can work on the ONE thing that is in our hands - WHO WE ARE.

Let the below top 10 skills be a strong foundation for you in the new era of Yellow Collar Careers ( #futureofwork ) we are entering.

Mala Mary Martina

CEO and Founder


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