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The Right Question

The most common question, we as students are asked, is whether or not phones should be allowed in schools/colleges but we seem to forget about the technological generation we live in. I believe, if children are really taught to use phones skillfully this question wouldn't even exist. There are multiple ways that you can go about to make sure that your child grows up to learn how to use phones in a more cautious manner and here are some of the inputs/feedback from some parents, teenagers, teachers whom I interviewed. 

1 - Have an overall parental control over your child and empower it to properly use the freedom he/she is being given so that he/she grows up to be a responsible adult.  2 - Make sure that you have open discussions with your child regarding the good and the bad things such as child abuse, how to treat/respect others, not to get into drugs due to easy access etcetera. 3 - Make sure that whenever he/she uses the phone there are people around.  4 - Don't put many restrictions. This will only make him/her more curious and will want to break free by using dubious methods and will start developing a distance from you.  5 - Always keep an eye on what he/she is accessing and know his/her friends' circle.  6 - Set an example by using the phone in the way you want your child to use. 7 - Set the proper guidelines that you want your child to grow with.  8 - Attend to your child's needs whenever required instead of staying on your phone.  9 - Encourage him/her to use the phone for educational purposes.  We have been asking the wrong question all these days. Children should be taught how to use mobile phones in a prudent way. We live in a digital era where even books are going digital. Infrastructure, transport, industries, etc are all developing and coping up with the developing world, why are schools being left behind? If we live in the fear of what a child might use the phone for in college, and hence stop them from using it, when will they ever learn? Think about it. I believe that the question that we really need to be asking is, do children know how to use mobile phones judiciously?  

Sumanth S Kumar Student  2nd PU

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