The hot culture of Horticulture

Your child may be very good with nature. Plants may be their thing. ( Identify if your child's dominant intelligence is Naturalistic Intelligence, with the Multiple Intelligence assessment ) This career could make them fall in love with their Mondays!

A horticulturist is someone who has a vast knowledge on plants, including its anatomy as well as an in-depth understanding of the mediums they grow in and their growth and health requirements, and is skilled at growing plants.

Horticulturists grow plants for various uses, some of which include:


Raw Materials



Being a branch of agriculture, horticulture can be divided into three sections:

1. Pomology: The practice of growing fruits.

2. Olericulture: The practice of growing vegetables.

3. Ornamental Horticulture: The practice of growing plants for decorative purposes.

However, apart from these specializations, a horticulturist has another important role to play in our current society as, due to the lack of plants and trees, the average temperature of our planet is increasing at an alarming rate – a phenomena known as ‘Global Warming’. The reason for this spike in temperature is due to the accumulation of ‘Greenhouse Gases’, such as carbon-dioxide and nitrous oxide. Growing plants and trees help cool down the Earth as plants, in the process of making its food through photosynthesis, intake these gases into itself or act as a medium for these gases to be taken up by other living organisms that live close to the plant.

A Horticulturist needs to have:

🌱 A Vast Knowledge on Botanical Life – in order to understand and solve problems related to the growth of their plants as well as to be able to efficiently produce their crop.

🌱 Great Planning Skills – to be able to produce a high quantity as well as quality result with efficiency.

🌱 Problem Solving Skills – to solve issues that may rise up within the growth of a plant or the process of growing plants.

🌱 An Ability to Work in a Team – as working in the horticultural field would require a team of people to achieve a good success rate.

🌱 Good Physical Fitness – as growing plants would require a lot of kinaesthetic activity which could wear one down if they aren’t physically fit.

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-Pranavswaroop Vinod

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