The Future is Here

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

All of us wonder what the future would look like, but what we sometimes fail to realize is the fact that changes that are evident in the days to come have already started to happen today.

And if we keep our eyes and ears open to it, we’ll have plenty of hints pointing us in the right direction for the future, instead of finding ourselves in a place we hardly recognize anymore, and pining for a time that we enjoyed our surroundings.

The future of work, and the careers thereof are no different. We are already in an era where leaps of technology have been ingrained into us without even our conscious awareness. Things like machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation have undergone change from the science fiction of the past, to their existence in the present, to the everyday vocabulary of the future.

Thus the future will belong to those who don’t replicate what a machine can do faster and more accurately, but to those who add a bit of themselves into the mix and bring out their talent in work. ( Find out what careers best suit you with this assessment )

The human nature of work will dominate work culture, as opposed to number crunching, and repeated tasks.

For example, if you look around us the use of ATMs have majorly taken over cash dispensing as opposed to the past when it was the duty of bank tellers to do the same. From the medical perspective as well one of the leading cardiac surgeons in the world, Dr Devishetty recently commented in an interview our team had with him saying, with the advent of Robotic Surgery and its immense scope for growth, the surgeons of the future will be the gamers of today who can control movement of machines accurately given their skillset. Similarly with the advent of self-driven cars the cab experience of today will be completely transformed tomorrow. The changes are evident, we are only to awaken to the fact and accept it.

Now do not consider us doomsayers, because when you give it some thought, this isn’t the apocalypse, it is quite the opposite. It is a rapturous world of opportunities that we find ourselves in.

To do what you love, to excel at it and connect with the right people to help transform doing what you love into a successful and viable future for yourself.

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-Rashmi Ramesh

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