Passion or Profession for My Child?

As parents we’ve always worked towards giving the best to our kids and ensuring they have an amazing future. For most of us this means that our kids should not struggle as we did, that we make sure that they make the right choices when it comes to their life and we’ll aid them in making these choices, in short keep them from all harm. But in the course of doing this at times we get swayed by what the people around us are saying, or what we believe is right and then subtly or not so subtly start influencing our children to take the path we want them to.

Most folks, when children start pursuing a passion and start getting serious about it, begin to curtail their time spent on the passion or relegate the passion into being a hobby. They effectively bombard information on them just how unviable and unsatisfactory a career this would be. Now, the intentions behind this are perfectly good – you want a stable secure future for your child instead of a struggle.

But the future is so unpredictable that one cannot say that the path anyone picks for them would be right for them, and that they would succeed in the path with complete guarantee. In the very process of trying to give them the best, we end up either squashing out their opinions or if they succeed leave them with a latent feeling of someone else having made the choice of how they live life for them.

Ask yourselves now, would that be the legacy you leave behind for your child?

We understand you want the best for your child, and we want to help you do the same. The first step to doing this is to help the child become aware of their own self. Help them understand what they are good at, where their interests lie, and the kind of dedication needed to pursue those interests and excelling at them – including reality checks. Give them an understanding of the necessary resources to explore the interests they have and help them figure out how to get those resources and the way forward in succeeding in the area. But most important of all support them in their choice – good bad or ugly, just like letting them get on a bike and teaching them to cycle even when we know that sometimes they might end up falling.

Now is this going to ensure they are never hurt? No, because nothing can guarantee that, no matter how much we wish otherwise. What this will guarantee is the life the child will be in control of their own life and we would have done everything we can to ensure they will succeed, and not just that, but be happy doing what they love.

In conclusion your child will not have to choose between passion or profession because you would have ensured that the two are not two different things after all.

- Rashmi Ramesh

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