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The oceans are home for some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring creatures on our planet, it holds our fascination not only through the sheer variety of life it hosts and the treasures it holds but the numerous ways it influences our lives like how it dictates the weather, along with its irreplaceable role in sustaining our species in terms of food, tourism, transportation, data connective channels, and so much more.

On World Oceans' day, as we acknowledge the havoc we, as a species have brought on the most generous natural resource we’ve been gifted next to the Sun, lets know a little bit about some incredible people whose lives revolves around oceans every day, just so it increases the pressure on cleaning up and not polluting our oceans as it has direct impact on our fellow people’s lives!

Nayantara Jain


Nayantara Jain’s intriguing journey of marine conservation started when she was a teenager as she did her PADI Open Water Diver course in the Maldives. After her Under graduation in Philosophy, she found her calling in becoming a Dive-Master. Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep, Gili Island in Indonesia, Maldives, Galapagos Islands, Andamans are some of the exotic places she has lived over the years which gave her exposure on the dwindling marine ecosystem which was visible. From being a teenage scuba diver, her love of oceans took her to be the Director of Reef Watch India.



Jelle Rigole

Jelle Rigole surfed his way from Belgium to co-founder of the Kovalam Surfclub. Interning with Sebastian Indian Social Project, his surfing along the Kovalam shores made the local children cheer. Their curiosity to learn surfing made him get into a deal with – ‘No School – No Surfing’ It was simple. If the kids attended school for five days, Jelle teaches them surfing over the weekend. Thus Kovalam SurfClub was founded along with the NGO Sebastian Indian Social Project, SISP.


Fredoon Kapadia


Fredoon Kapadia sinks his way to do offshore constructions 500 feet under the sea. Working with tools and getting his hands busy got him more interested than academics. That curiosity led him to interactions with his neighbor who worked off-shore, as a saturated diver. Unlike Rigole and Jain, Kapadia is employed with oil companies / off-shore companies who pay him well enough to get the job done as it comes with a fatal risk factor, days away from home.



Murthy Megavan

Murthy Megavan, a self-taught surfer, fisherman, co-founder of Colvong Point. A school drop-out to sustain his family, rising over the wreckage that 2004 tsunami, it was the sheer passion that drove him every day. He missed his first chance to greatness when he met Jack Hebner, the ‘Surfing Swami’. The second time around, things dramatically fell into place, and soon his skill took the center-stage. He now has a surf school set up in Kovalam (beach near Chennai) where other kids are trained with a no-smoke, no-alcohol

policy. They also undertake constant clean-ups.

His venture has brought in much-needed attention

to this space, improving the livelihood of

everyone around.


Afroz Shah


Afroz Shah was recognized as the 2016 Champion of The Earth, Inspiration and Action, UN Environment Programme. He pioneered the clean-up of Versova Beach in Mumbai which was covered with over 4,500 tonnes of trash through mobilizing people, and attention through 100+ walks. He is a lawyer by profession and his social outlook helped the world revive the ecosystem. This year Olive Ridley turtles were spotted in the cleaned beach. UN has called this as the – WORLD’S LARGEST BEACH CLEANUP PROJECT.



Shikaripura Ranganatha Rao

Shikaripura Ranganatha Rao found his calling in Archeology and went on to become a Marine Explorer. He pioneered many explorations into the deep sea, including explorations of the submerged city of Bet Dwaraka in Gujarat. His works include the book Lost City of Dvaraka that talks about underwater excavation along with the artifacts that were found.


Are you inspired by these hybrid careers? Of how one idea can change everything about you, around you and make an impact in the long run. You could have them too. Take actions to find your calling in life. Know your Yellow Collar Quotient and learn about the Industries that would be more suited for you. Sit and discuss with our experts understand how your ideas can change the world, interlace with your passion and garnish with happiness!

We are sure you will love your Mondays!

-Harish and Lakshmi

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