I certainly do love my Mondays!

Walking into the I Love Mondays office for the very first time, I did not expect to see a man hunched over his desk, working manically to Beethoven, a woman deeply engrossed in sketching an accurate caricature of her colleague, and a huge whiteboard with scores from a seemingly engaging (and competitive) game.    

I Love Mondays is not your run-of-the-mill company by any standards. This was something I realized the very first day I walked into their then office space. The ILM office exuded warmth and screamed fun, right from the get-go. Everyone at I Love Mondays was warm and friendly, and I couldn’t help but feel completely and instantly at home. I appreciated how no one was dismissive of my ideas, despite my lack of experience with event management and marketing.

In fact, I was constantly encouraged to take up more roles and was allowed to make decisions, pitch ideas, and raid the supply of snacks just as any other team member would! I Love Mondays celebrates individuality and brings to life wonderful ideas from a diverse set of people on an everyday basis, and I feel lucky to have experienced the magic of creating an event alongside the talented ILM team.

I was with I Love Mondays for about a month, working with them on one of their events for the KM Music Conservatory. KMMC was offering a workshop on Western vocal music, which I helped market. I was also involved with conceptualizing, promoting, and finally, hosting a show by the participants after the workshop. This not only gave me insights into planning events and taught me so much about what it takes to turn an abstract idea into reality in today’s world, but also made me a more confident and decisive person. The freedom that ILM provided me with and the trust each team member placed in me definitely took my experience to the next level, as this especially allowed me to explore and experiment, resulting in a lot more learning and growth.

The experience, overall, is something that I would strongly recommend. Even if Event Management isn't something you are interested in, an internship with I Love Mondays will equip you with several essential 21st-century skills and help you discover your own strengths and weaknesses, bring out your creative side, and I assure you, teach you something useful.

In fact, I would advise every school student to take up internships whenever possible. Don’t worry about things like the duration of the internship or whether it’s in an area you’re certain you want to work in later on. Internships are a great way to get one step closer to realizing your calling through understanding the nitty-gritties of what a particular job requires and entails. Through internships, most often, one also meets inspiring people who can spark off passion in a subject or motivate one to work harder.

So, this summer, take up an internship, be it in an area you’re already interested in or in one that you would like to get acquainted with. Simply go for it! All the best!

- Ilina Moitra

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