How Did I Discover My Passion?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

My mom said, "Take commerce". I took it. My dad said, "Score good marks’’, I became the state topper in Accountancy. Then, my parents said "Work hard to get a good job’’, I got placed in a big MNC, in an Operations role with a good salary. 

My first job: 

Sitting in front of the laptop at the office for 10 hours, hearing instructions from the manager, doing the same routine job every day, waking up and then hitting the bed at the end of the day, with the same feeling, with frustration. 

8 months passed, I read about this strange but much spoken about concept called ‘Passion” on the Internet. The first thing I thought to myself was “What do I love doing?” – It’s not for me. I reflected about things I actually like doing.

My current job also required me to meet clients to check their satisfaction level. I actually enjoyed this part of the job, the job of meeting people. That was a starting point. I figured that I love working with people more than staring at my computer all day. Which led me to start exploring people-oriented jobs. In parallel, I decided to join full-time MBA to explore more.

During my MBA days, I had pursued not one, not two, but four internships in four different fields, two major projects; I was a free-lance trainer, I read as many books as I could reach, attended workshops (one of them is Train The Trainer workshop by I Love Mondays), interacted with experts, explored all my interests & finally discovered my passion in Training & Coaching. Phew! and Wow! What an experience. 

Unfortunately then and fortunately now,  I didn’t get a job in Training immediately after my MBA. Hence I got into a Sales profile in a 5-decade old firm. I was a great performer but not yet fulfilled. Something was missing.  I was hungry. I was yearning to be a trainer all the time.

After seven months, my manager gave an opportunity to train the new sales force, and as destiny would have it, I rocked the stage!  Looking at that, my Vice President asked me to train the all India Sales team, and rock it I did, again! I took them to the next level through my training & also received the ”Game changer award” (That’s what you get when you do what you love ). Furthermore, I even got the role of a full time Trainer in a very reputed company.

The job I love now:

Travelling & staying in Star hotels, giving training across India, trainees standing in line to take selfies with me at the end of the session, hearing how I changed people life’s through my training, winning several awards, being a chief guest at many occasions, growing every single day, above all – now a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when I hit the bed.

Bottom line, my life has got a significant change in the way I live. All these happened by these 3 things

1) Became aware of concept “Passion”.

2) Exploring all Interests until I found one which suits me

3) Starting to Live my passion.

If I have to gift one thing to my kid, I will help him to find his/her passion. Then everything falls into place.

Naga Drutesh,

Pedagogy Trainer, Tata Classedge

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