Generation Z- The Trendily Confused Gen

People born after the mid-1990s are categorized as Generation Z. There are certain aspects that differentiates this generation from Generation Y or the Millennials (people born 1980-1990s). The prime advantage this generation experiences, is the availability and convenience of gadgets. Generation Z is socially active on various number of platforms and a large number excel in the field of online gaming. There are few other characteristics of Generation Z that are enlisted in this article.


Due to being exposed to frequently updated technology and gadgets at a very young age, this generation has considered those gadgets as vital part of their lives. Children younger than the age of 3 demand for ‘cellphone time’ instead of toys as a medium of entertainment. We Gen Z squad tend to prioritize gadgets over other requirements. As the author Nassim Nicholas Taleb has quoted, “the difference between slavery and technology is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free”. Our generation is subconsciously falling prey and getting addicted to the modern technology. But at the same time, they learn about the new advancements in the technical fields and end up becoming experts in handling the gadgets. This makes them efficient in using the devices and to generate productive output with the help of it.


Stereotyped standards (or trends) are being set on an individual’s emotional experience, by the celebrities they idolize or the peer groups they move around with. Emotions have gained the status of a trend to be followed. This has resulted in the generation Z mob becoming emotionally unstable. They are not aware of how, where and whom to express to or when to suppress their emotions. Hence terms like Alexithymia (a condition where one cannot express their feelings and emotions verbally) are being added to the urban dictionary. Trending extrovert behavior and access to various social platforms have led to the belief that people should always be expressive regarding what’s in their mind. But this generation fails to differentiate between expressing and publicizing personal emotions. Once they start to publicize and gain attention, they continue doing so – after all who won’t like gaining some extra attention? Interaction with parents and other elders dwindle as the thought prevails that they can solve all their emotional imbalances online. They try to find solutions via opinions which at times prove to be helpful. If their emotional puzzles being expressed on a wider platform reaches the right hands, it can be solved and they can get rid of their discrepancies.

Outlook towards the Society

Because of exposure to constantly influencing movies and other mediums that encourage us to take a stand for our choices, the lifestyle of breaking the flow and going against the mainstream, has become a common characteristic among the Gen Z folks. Everyone tries to be rebellious and takes stand for their own statement. But while doing this, they seldom fail to bifurcate among what is ethically right and wrong. Mutual disagreements and conflicts have prevailed since ages, but only a handful rise in the rebellion. Now that everyone wants to be a rebel, the disputes have become endless. Lesser self-evaluation and more jumps into conclusions, is a common occurrence among Gen Z. The only advantage of this rebellious attitude is not following any norms under any sorts of force or against free will. If anything occurs wrong in the society, Gen Z is gutsy enough to take a stand for themselves.


Their early introduction to modernized gadgets has enabled a better understanding of technology in the minds of Gen Z. They know their gadgets like the back of their palm. The inborn lethargic nature in Gen Z leads them to cut some slack from the supposedly existing work load. This generates an innovation of easier methods to get the work done. Preferring “Smart work” over “Hard work” is the motto of Gen Z. We are always curious to try out new things. As being adventurous is trending nowadays, Gen- Z always keeps exploring and conquering new feats. The gap between the previous generations has led to certain minds and ideas being imprisoned within the norms of the society, but as every one is getting rebellious, people are expressing themselves more and breaking free from their own virtual prisons.


Parents of Gen Z kids have a really difficult time creating a bond with their kids as they don’t readily share what’s in their minds. The solution to this issue is to behave like a friend with your kids. Just try to step into their shoes. They may avoid calls from you, but instead of getting angry or irritated, just look out for other alternatives to keep in touch. Compared to them, parents may not be well versed with the modes of communication that they prefer. But rather than considering it as an obstacle, just sit and learn from them. This will help in further bonding and understanding your kids. When your kid does something wrong or is about to err, do not restrict. Just explain by putting up practical examples. Restrictions have reverse effect on the offspring’s brains. The tighter the leash is, the farther the dog runs once it is set open. This analogy can be practically applied as parents cannot bind their children in the leashes of restrictions forever.

Gen Z is full of Philomath population (those who love learning new things). These new things can include adventurous and potentially harmless activities. So instead of disagreeing with their views, just peacefully guide them through their journeys. Peaceful attempts will have the potential to receive obedient ears in exchange, rather than constant nagging and children hiding their activities from you and performing them in your blind-spot.

By, Anurag S

Blogger and Fellow Gen Z

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