Five Projects for Teens during this Pandemic

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We are in uncharted waters with the Novel Coronavirus. The world is in

a tizzy and everyone is scrambling to handle this pandemic. Being under lockdown, everything that we took for granted seems like a luxury now.

Even in these dark times, there are ways you can contribute to making things better. You may wonder how to do that when you are stuck at home. Here are 5 things that you can do:

1. Post inspirational quotes and credible information on your social media accounts.

There is so much (mis)information on the internet about the pandemic that is gripping the world. And news channels are constantly painting a grim picture with the statistics. Positive quotes and stories will help spread positivity. Posting information from websites like WHO will ensure that people follow protocols and stay safe.

2. Reach out to older people in your community and arrange to have their groceries delivered to them safely.

Older people are at a greater risk of being infected than others. They may struggle with getting the essentials from the store. Within your community, you can reach out to them safely and find out what they need. When you or your family is making a grocery run, buy for your older neighbours and deliver it to them maintaining social distance.

3. Reach out to your family and friends. This virus can be controlled largely by social distancing. This would mean that you’d go long periods without seeing your friends and family. This can be tough for some and keeping in touch through video calls and regular chats can help ease the anxiety. Help people who aren’t tech-savvy get comfortable with a few basic things so that the lockdown period can become bearable.

4. Exercise releases endorphins and keeps you happy.

With the gyms and public parks being closed, exercising can be a challenge. You can stay fit by doing home exercises and help others by creating a few videos that explain how to do them. Talk about the advantages of exercises and how it helps release endorphins in your body which in turn helps to keep a positive and happy mindset. Schedule group workout sessions on video and keep each other motivated.

5. Support NGO’s and volunteer remotely.

Identify reputable NGO’s that are working hard towards providing essentials to people in need (Daily wagers and the homeless). Encourage your friends and family to make a monetary contribution to such NGO’s who help the needy. You can also volunteer with NGOs that have a helpline that helps out people in distress at this time.

We are all in this together and a little bit of kindness goes a long way. Stay safe and stay home.

Archana Nayak,

Chief Mentor.

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