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Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Parents, oh Parents.

We understand how busy you are. Work, family and emergencies. With hardly time for yourself, how then can you keep up.

We, at I Love Mondays work hard to help you help your child follow their dreams.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn something new while you are browsing facebook. Especially when it is about your child's future. To learn how the world of work will be different by the time they grow up and begin to work.

I Love Mondays curates the most important news related to your child's future & careers everyday on Facebook. ( Don't miss the action )

We work hard to help your children grow up to Love their Mondays!

We also choose the 3 most important news for the month and share it with you here. Incase you missed it.


Curated by

Muskan Raj

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