Blue, White and Yellow

Careers have evolved over time. Just like we have migrated from a PCO ( or STD booth ) to a cordless phone ( at home ) to a smart phone ( in our pockets ).

Blue collar careers:

Stemmed from the Industrial Era

They would exchange physical labor for money

Example: Electrician, construction workers, hairstylists, drivers etc

White collar careers:

Stemmed from the knowledge Era. The more you know, the more you get paid. ( pre-internet era )

They would exchange knowledge for money ( hence formal higher education made sense )

Example: Lawyers, Doctors, Software engineers, Accountants etc

Yellow collar careers: ( also called the Future of Work )

The present and all that awaits :)

We will exchange Competence for money ( Competence = getting the job done = Skills )


Evolved careers like Doctors ( robotic surgeons ), AI engineers etc

New Careers like Social media influencers, you-tubers, Design thinkers, human centred designers.

All blue collar and yellow collar jobs that will remain or will evolve NEED to be Yellow Collar now.

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