Are you a parent fretting over your child's exam..??

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

You better not fret

You better not pout

You better not shout...

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when both kids and parents feel the heat of exam stress. Definitely, having an interest in their child’s exam performance and overall academic success is good. By channeling your anxieties and passing them the responsibility of their actions, parents can actually help the children to ace the exam in the best possible way.

  • How can I help…???

You can be a facilitator.

1.Helping the kids understand their best learning methodologies and adopt strategies around that.

2.Provide a great environment to study.

3.Create a realistic exam timetable along with your kid.

4. Incentivise studying and exams not through material rewards but through fun activities they want to do the most.

5.Provide adequate and nutritious meals.

6.Support them with a lot of reassurances and praises which will motivate them to achieve their best potential.

  • Is my child exam stressed!!??

You know your child better. Most kids will confide their fears and anxieties to their parents. Being available for them when they need you the most is the biggest reassurance that you can give them. Help them shift their focus from marks to learning which will help them to calm down to a great extent.

  • Can I let my child do night study...???

Of course, you being a morning person doesn’t qualify your child to sit and study in the early hours. Let them try out different timings of the day and decide what best suits them.

  • Things that I can stop worrying about...

It’s important to make them feel responsible for their studies. Excessive monitoring and guiding will be killing their spirits.

  • Should I too de-stress…??

Accepting your kid is the first step to achieving this. Finding the possibilities within the purview of the child’s potential is a sensible way of supporting your kid.

Deepa Saji

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