An hour in the ER ( Emergency Room )

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Last week, I had the chance to go to the Emergency Room of a hospital. As I was sitting in the hospital ER hallway, I observed how things went around.

Wait... Before all that, a quick note about me. I am Aarya, a student of grade 10 from Pune, a city in India. I have always wanted to be a doctor since I remember. I want to serve people and make this world a better place.

Why did I do this? Go to the ER? Like who does that right?

I am going through a Career Mentorship with Mala Mary Martina ma'am ( Mcube ) from I Love Mondays. She encouraged me to put myself out there. To understand where I will be working and what I can expect. ( Sign up for a Mentor here - )

And here I am .........

The following are a few of my observations:

1) Each person had a different story for themselves. Some were sitting with anticipation, whereas some were sitting in nervousness. The environment of the ER was, in general, full of adrenaline. 

2) All around me, trauma rooms were full. There was one traumatic incident which caught my attention. A gravely injured woman was brought into the trauma room. I wasn’t allowed to see what was going on, but I could hear the surgeons speak. She was haemorrhaging very fast. The room felt chaotic but the procedures were well-choreographed. Unfortunately they couldn’t stop the bleeding and she passed away. The next big part was seeing how the doctors told her family about it. The situation as a whole, was very overwhelming.

3) There were instances when patients were taken from the ER to the OR immediately, to perform a surgery. The physical and mental health of all the residents is worth appreciating. They were constantly on the run, trying their level best to save every life they can. There were many times when the number of residents was less, but the interns were always there to help.

4) I would say that the environment of the ER is not as peaceful as people expect to be. People keep thinking that a hospital is a very calm place and there’s no doubt about that. Although, having seen seen this side of the hospital atmosphere, where every second counts, each person on the table becomes the most important person for the doctors.

I hadn’t realized when an hour went by. There was still so much left to observe. But I’m glad I got to see some of what goes on in a hospital in detail.

-Aarya Jakareddy 

An aspiring future doctor from Pune, India

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