Abhimanyu Agrawal – Freelance Android App Developer

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Problem solving is such an important part in our day to day lives and like Abhimanyu quotes, “ I make apps to solve problems!”

“I never really got around to understanding hydrocarbons in Chemistry, but I loved programming.” says freelance Android App Developer, Abhimanyu Agrawal, currently residing in Bangalore.

Being a dropout which led him to be a self-taught learner, Abhimanyu has explored the world of technology like never before. His curiosity and drive in technology allowed him to vastly ponder over the different aspects of technology, which led him to create some pretty savage apps like the cycling route app, which was more like a passion driven project as he is very much into cycling.

He also created an e-commerce app called Akkipet that helps farmers and rice traders to solve the problem of discoverability. The other apps he created were recall apps, e-chat apps and many more.

One of the major threats that Abhimanyu feels for students these days is that, not enough attention is  being given to building skills but rather on owning a degree or a certificate, sadly as that is what a lot of people consider more important than “real skills”. He truly believes in BUILDING one’s skills and just like any other successful person today, hardwork ALWAYS pays. He believes working for harder and longer hours are the parameters for one’s success!

Abhimanyu Agrawal

Technology in today’s world is so vast that it is continuously updating and growing and it’s only imperative of us to grow along with it. Abhimanyu thinks that this can be done by keeping a constant track on technology updates and media.

With 44% of the world being completely tech dependent, he feels even a small team can make massive contributions to this fascinating world of technology.

“I love to solve problems and since coding is what I know best, I make apps to solve problems!”

Over the recent past, he has focused on some pretty amazing apps, like apps for cycling routes, e-chats, recall logs and worked with some really impressive ideologies like the 360 degree video content for I Love Mondays, a career guidance company that helps the youth get everything they need to know themselves and also the careers around them.

He has even created apps for cricket, chatting and even grocery shopping, which greatly helped in building the gap between vendors and their customers.

If there’s one evergreen job title for software development that keeps getting greener and greener, it’s that of an app developer and this is because the field is always exploring and always expecting. There’s no better way to build skills and knowledge as a developer than by doing the obvious of course – the development part. They require constant effort, learning and lots and lots of hard work. Part of the process of zeroing in on a development platform is learning who’s using what and what other developers have to say about their work.

This suggests spending some time on job boards to see what’s really “out there” and bouncing back and forth between different job boards and other development communities for a decent amount of time, to understand what kinda opportunities you’re scouting for over time and you should be able to whittle your options down to a short list.

Abhimanyu believes that constant mental and physical relief of stress is mandatory and important to keep your mind chill and focused. He suggests yoga as a great way to keep yourself constantly energized.

“Keep smart people around you and feed off of their smartness!”

Word of advice for the tech savvy?

In technology, this is very important and relevant – and that is to LEARN BY DOING. All you need to know is online, so get up, get learning, get coding, and get building. It is very important to keep yourself surrounded by smart people and feed off their energy and ideas. Don’t care about the money and the competition and focus on the learning and improving, the success will follow!

Interviewed & Written by Simran Rao

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