5 gifts you can give your Teenager this 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Everyday, as parents we show them how much we love our children.

How then can we make this day, dedicated to all our children - SPECIAL.

Here are 5 unique gifting ideas for your child:

1. Spend Quality time:

Undivided attention is the gift your child will cherish. No phones, no cooking or cleaning. Just quality time with them and about them. Talk, listen, laugh, play. Bring back the times when they were fully dependent on you and you loved taking care of them.

2. A chance to follow their dreams:

Children today talk about pursuing a new career a day. The concerning part? They want to take up careers we find 'unstable' or 'scary' or ' unrealistic' ...

Well, not anymore. Welcome to the Yellow Collar World. Where dreams can come true and your child can be anyone he/she wishes to be. Starting with being an Influencer on Instagram or a You-tuber.

Gift your child a Mentor who can make their dreams come true. Sign up here.

3. Books that make a difference:

Anyone will enjoy reading as long as they are given the right books to read. Here are some meaningful yet age appropriate bestseller books you can gift your children.

5-10 years: Good night stories for Rebel girls; The Gita for Children

10-18 years: I Love Mondays; How to be a Bawse

4. Help them create their own vision board:

Make it like a DIY day or a crafts day at home. No better way to show them that you care.

Here are things that can be kept in mind when you make a vision board. ( Watch video )

5. Help them pick up a new mini-skill in a fun way:

Like baking, chopping, getting the perfect 6 pointer in Basketball, carpentry, pottery, nail art, shoe art etc Anything non-academic and non-goal oriented. DOING things for fun, while having fun is called LEARNING. This way your child will know that learning happens not just at school.

Now that you have your day filled with ideas, time to have fun. Bring out the child in you too.

Leave your comments below on what you did for your child this Children's day.

Mala Mary Martina

CEO and Founder


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