3 Trends your Teens need to look out for in the Future of Work!

While I use the word future, I am mindful of the fact that the future has begun. The future is already here! This means oodles of opportunities, tons of changes, up-skilling, unlearning and of course challenges, await our teens who are entering the workforce.

While talking to your teen or when deciding on what investments to make for their future, here are the three major trends we can prep them for.

1. The gigs are the new employment:

Remember, the word gig is normally associated with music. A band is hired, does its gig and then bids good bye. Short term, need-based projects are where the world will be headed. Your child may not be necessarily travelling to work everyday or have a 9-5 job. They will work on a need-basis. Gone are the days when people would get paid for their time, and in are the days when people will get paid for the results they deliver.

SKILLS NEEDED: Financial planning, Goal setting, Organizing skills, Sales [ to land that gig ], Personal Branding, being productive.

2. Multiple or no JD’s:

Thanks to technology, digitization and automation – the nature of jobs are changing. JD’s [Job descriptions] are evolving too. STD booths were replaced by telephones, which where then replaced by cellular networks and now, the internet. The nature of jobs and the skills needed are quite different with changing times. Your teen will take on the role of several employees at the same time (many Job descriptions and one person.)

Marketing & Sales is now called – Smarketing. The Photographer needs to be an editor, graphic designer and social media specialist too. The musician needs to be the lyricist and sound engineer too. The IT professional needs to be the UI and UX guy. With startups ruling the industry, having no specified JD’s will give room for the individual to form their own customized JD.

SKILLS NEEDED: Multitasking, Organizing skills, automation, prioritization, multi-skilling, Self discipline empathy, General awareness, big picture thinking [since all JD’s are connected]

3. Smaller teams or no teams:

Organisations are focusing on high-speed growth and scalability. They are moving from people driven to process driven. In this type of world, most of the work will be automated or handled by technology. Technology provides the unfair advantage of speed and scale against humans. In the future, humans will have two roles to play – Innovator or Operator.Innovators will be heavily in demand and also heavily paid. Operators will be working beside machines and systems, doing the routine, mundane tasks that aren’t automated yet. Innovators will be hard to find, hence the few available will be working in smaller teams and sometimes no teams at all.

Working remotely, working solo, working digitally will be the future. Don’t be surprised if all your child does is spend time on social media. [Spending time on social media will be a new job in itself.]

SKILLS NEEDED: Self discipline, Innovation, Learning, Research, Networking, Efficiency,Empathy, Effective Communication.

As Parents we are constantly wanting to update our selves with the best interests in mind for our children. Check your teen’s future ready quotient for the much – needed futuristic skills with this quiz.

Remember, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future ten years from now, not just for the world they live in, today.

Mala Mary Martina CEO I Love Mondays

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