From Best Engineering student of Karnataka 2009 to starting I Love Mondays has been quite an exploratory roller coaster for me. And it gets me wondering: Why don't we really explore ourselves to figure out what we wanna do.
Who says we gotta have it all figured by age 16? or even at age 40?
We have all,

Been there done that

We make life altering decisions based on a test/assessment, advice from our well wishers ( who may have no clue about the career they are advising us on ), Page 1 google searches, TV shows painting glossy pictures of what lawyers, doctors, social media influencers do or maybe making decisions based on out-dated assumptions on ''safe'' and ''well paying'' careers. 

Phew! It was time to put this to an END.
It was time to NOT think outside the box. Because the future has no box. You heard me, NO BOX! which means
anyone can be anything they wanna be. More so now than ever before. Welcome to the future :)

Mala Mary Martina
a.k.a Mcube a.k.a M

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