1) What does I Love Mondays do?

I Love Mondays is an organisation that helps young people identify their strengths, choose careers they love and most importantly prepare for the Future of Work ( Yellow Collar careers

2) Is ILM the same as I Love Mondays?

Yes. ILM is the short form for I Love Mondays. 

3) What are Yellow Collar Careers?

Yellow Collar careers ( after blue collar and white collar careers ) are careers of the future. ( Note: Future has begun ) The Job Descriptions are constantly changing. Nature of the jobs and skills needed have evolved. Old jobs are being automated and new jobs are created. In short, the rules of finding and thriving in the Yellow Collar World are redefined. 

4) What are the attributes of a yellow collar worker?

  • Do what they love.

  • Be very good at what they do. 

  • Exchange competence for money. 

  • Be a jack of all trades and a master of a few. 

  • Be right brain dominant. 


5) What is online career mentoring? 

Since we work with individuals across the globe, we are leveraging the convenience and comfort of the online platform to help individuals choose careers they love

6) What is the structure of the online career mentoring program? 

We work with the individual once a week for an hour online. The individual/mentee will be in touch with the mentor over digital channels like WhatsApp, IG and emails on projects given by the mentor to the mentee. The sessions will continue till the outcomes are achieved. 


7) Do you do offline programs too?

Yes, with specific schools(Legacy School, CMR NPS etc) who have tied up with us. We also have collaborated with some Education Brands that host us like libraries, activity centres etc. 


8) Career counseling is an age old thing, how are you different? 

Career Counseling in the olden days was about 

- which course to choose? 

- which college? 


Today, it is about individualised understanding of the below core questions like 


ILM caters to the core questions mentioned above 


9) What is the age group of your mentees? 

We cater to two types of Mentees: 


The teenagers - 13 years to 19 years 

The adults - who are looking at rediscovering career options for themselves. 

10)Who are your mentors and are they ILM trained? 

Our mentors come from varied backgrounds.

We have two types of mentors.

  1.  General mentors: Who work with the mentee throughout 

    2. Career specific mentor: Who plug into the mentoring program when they are required to. For example a baker, 

       a sports journalist, a VFX artist who can mentor the mentee in their area of specialisation. 


11) How do you help adults? 

 We help adults in the following ways 


1. To rediscover their strengths and passion 

2. To unlearn, up-skill and re-skill 

3. To help them excel in specific areas like start their own business etc 


12) What are Multiple Intelligences? 

When you hear the word intelligence, the concept of IQ testing may immediately come to mind. Intelligence is often defined as our intellectual potential; something we are born with, something that can be measured, and a capacity that is difficult to change(left brain driven). In recent years, however, other views of intelligence have emerged. One of the most popular concepts is the theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner which we follow in ILM.


13) Why should I understand my Multiple Intelligences? 

The blue collar and white collar world were driven by only certain intelligences ( mostly left brain driven ) most commonly known as IQ. In the yellow collar world, there is scope for all 8 intelligences to come into action. All us mostly have all intelligences. Some are dominant. The aim is to use our dominant intelligences. 


14) Why should I plan my career so early as I'm just in my school going years? 

Just like we don’t take our grade 10 exams as soon as we enter school, we need to prepare for the biggest decision in life. Career decisions are to be made based on who we are & what kindles us. And the earlier we start working on this proactively, the better will be the outcome. 

15) What do you mean by the mentorship program? 

We at ILM provide mentorship program by a system of structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist mentees to progress in their own lives and careers. Our mentors are readily accessible and prepared to offer help to the mentees as the need arises - within agreed bounds.


16) Duration of sessions? 

Total number of sessions purely depends on the mentees that we work with. But approximately it varies anywhere between 2-6 months depending on the services they opt for.

17) How many sessions will I need to shortlist my career options? 

Total number of sessions depends totally on the mentee and the time at which they proactively finish the assignments given to them. It may approximately take 3-5 months on an average. 

18)Where and how are these sessions conducted? 

The sessions are purely online as Google Hangouts video calls. The mentees may take the sessions from the comfort of their homes. But if there is a need for a face to face meeting, we are always available based on the requirement(depending on the location of the mentees).


19) Will my counsellor help me pick a course and college?

The mentors are here to guide you to create your own career roadmap. Yes, we help you identify the right course and college

20) Will my counselor help me find a job? 

We can guide you and nudge you in the right direction. 

20) Is your Mentorship program customised?

Yes, In fact no two career Roadmaps at the end of the career Mentorship look the same. See samples below.