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How often do you use the following skills in your everyday life?
a. Finding the hypotenuse of a triangle.
b. Reciting a poem in Sanskrit.
c. Finding the chemical formulae for common salt.
d. Communicate to another human being. (To convince, inspire, make friends with etc.)

If you are like most people, you nodded your head only at the final point. And yet, we place so much importance on these other subjects. This is not to say that Science and Math shouldn’t be given the importance that it is. Not at all-knowing how the world works is important. However, knowing how to work the world might be the most important power of all.

This summer, gift your child that power. The power to communicate.

For a limited period, ILM is offering a 10 day communication workshop exclusively crafted with kids in mind. From lessons in public speaking and body language to dealing with bullies and gender sensitivity, the workshop will be activity-oriented with individual attention paid to each child. What’s more, we have Chennai’s favourite RJ, RJ Sulabha from Radio One captaining the ship. With over 10 years of experience as a Radio host, singer and media educator, RJ Sulabha has one more important qualification- she is a mother.

Register now and save your child a ticket to a better future.

We at I Love Mondays believe that the best way to learn something is to DO. Hence these Workshops are all designed to allow the students as much time on stage or doing the activity taught as possible. Below is the workshop module with activities to be taught.

Workshop Module:- 

Day 1 Communication, an Introduction
A basic intro into why communication has and will be one of the most important skills to learn.

Day 2 Communication to self
The importance of self talk, positive affirmations and how to successfully communicate with oneself.

Day 3 Body language
An introduction to body language and it’s importance. The gestures through which attitudes and feelings are communicated.

Day 4 Construction of a topic
How to construct a impromptu speech on any given topic within 5-10 minutes that will rouse and inspire the audience.

Day 5 The power of Stories and humor 
How to use stories and humour in everyday life to make our communication Interesting.

Day 6 Etiquette on stage, Handling sensitive topics diplomatically. It’s not always about what to say but also about What NOT-TO- SAY!

Day 7 Social media communication 
A complete guide on what you need to know about social media. Increase your communication with sense of self without any harm.

Day 8 Keeping communication lines alive at relationships.
Developing open communication of the child at home with parents and at school with Teachers and Friends

Day 9 Preparation for the final day presentation
How to prepare for a presentation, Rehearse for it and deliver it like a pro.

Day 10 Final presentation

Get. Set. Go!

Every day the last 45 minutes will be a session for impromptu speech of one minute. The best speaker will be given a badge.

IMPACT after the workshop:
● Improved communication Skill
● Public speaking
● Creative Communication
● Impromptu Speaking
● Structured speech
● Stage etiquette
● Positive body language
● More empathetic with people
● Peer learning
● Improved self esteem
● Team building and Leadership
● Social media communication
● New Network from other schools across the city

Dates: 21st May to 31st May [Sunday HOLIDAY ]

Age: 9 to 17 years.

Timing: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Venue: I Love Mondays Pvt Ltd, 92,
Gee Gee Crystal Complex, 6th Floor,
Dr. Radha Krishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004

● Refreshment
● Wassup Badge
● Personality Journal
● Work Sheets
● Stationery Items
● Video of Finale
● Certificate of Completion

Price: INR 7500/Kid
Call for Group Discounts

For further queries reach out us +91 77602 19029

Sulabha Santhosh, Award-winning RJ From Radio One.

Confidence is her makeup and Dignity is her style! To people who know Sulabha, she is not only a Radio Presenter but dons many hats - She is a Singer, a Voice over artist, a Media Educator and a Motivational Speaker. She is an MBA grad from the ICFAI Business school and is trained in Carnatic music for over 15 years. She has been the Title winner of some popular television shows. Her passion for music has seen her dabble in the world of radio.
Sulabha was the voice that launched Radio City into the airwaves and hosted their first-ever breakfast show live in 2006 and ever since it has been a significant journey of sorts. Sulabha comes with the experience of hosting shows all across the day, Interviewing celebrities from varied industries, ranging from popular cine stars to business tycoons to performers and people from different nationalities.  The latest show that was a hit on the airwaves was “Great Minds Of Tamizhnadu where she had the opportunity to interview eminent personalities like MS Swaminathan, Dr.Shantha and Double Oscar winner AR Rahman. Apart from this, she has also sung a couple of film songs for music directors like Vijay Antony and GV Prakash. She is a media educator and has handled many workshops on communication for college students. She is also a faculty with Academy of Radio Studies where she teaches the nuances of Radio Technology and RJing to aspiring students.She was awarded Best RJ 2015 by leading Tamizh weekly Vikatan, in Vikatan Virudhugal.

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