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You have a dream, a passion? We have one too; to convert your passion into a successful career… just for you.


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 ILM Book : Do you want to walk the road less travelled? But you have questions like Am I good enough? Do I have the required skill set? How do I get into the industry? Is there “scope” in the industry? Can I make money? Can I reach the heights attained by legends in their respective fields? Information is the first step to making an educated choice. So get the info from the horses’ mouths. Learn how YOU can become a New Age Career Expert in the I Love Mondays book.


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Workshop : We conduct free workshops in schools and colleges enabling students to make an educated career choice. These 2 hour workshops are usually filled with fun activities, an address/performance by industry experts who we call Innovators and a clear action plan for students to follow their dream. Two hours today might ease the next 20 years of your life smiley-face-md


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Newsletter : Keep abreast with latest industry trends through the ILM Newsletter. A monthly newsletter which talks about interesting careers, upcoming ILM events and salutes those Monday Lovers (ILM Ambassadors) who have been active on our Facebook Page or in their respective educational institutions spreading by their actions, the motto of “Do what you Love”. 



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Every individual is different, we respect that and that’s why we rejoice at the variety we have in nature. So what suits you the best????


Explore the CAP Test – Career Assessment Psychometric test

It is time to make educated career choices! 

Gone are the days when we took certain careers based on the marks we scored or just the feedback we used to get from our peers. The CAP test assesses  your Interest along with your ability, recommends careers that not just match your Personality but also your value systems. I Love Mondays recommends this step to all who want to invest their time, introspect and make career choices that are worth making.


Who is this test for?

We have separate CAP tests for : (Click on the Tests to Try One)


Students between 10th and 12th  

For Graduates  

For working professionals who are looking for a career change.

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Career Counselling : Sometimes the CAP Test is not enough. “Oh I want to be a musician and I have the skills! But I am also fascinated by Sound Engineering and can be a competent Sound Engineer!” “I want to be a Web Designer but I am not sure how best to go about it.” The person best suited to iron out these dilemmas is a Career Counsellor. A Career Counsellor can help you figure out your deepest insecurities and determine a definite action plan to follow your path to your dream job. With some of the best and most experienced counsellors and psychologists across Bangalore present in our team, YOU can make an informed choice that combines your Passion, Interest and Career. *We encourage students to take a session with their parents present so that parents too are fully involved in the decision making process. Try it out now…..


Industry Counselling : If you want to be a cricketer would you take advice from a banker or Sachin Tendulkar? The value of advice lies with the person who gives it. We recognize that and therefore we provide you with an opportunity to interact with the best in the industry; ANY INDUSTRY. Talk to the expert and get real time on the ground information of the industry in question. Making an educated career choice is as simple as that.                      Try it out now…..








ENACT – Engage in New Age Career Training meets the needs of all students/individuals with respect to interest, skill sets and jobs. We provide you an opportunity to polish your skills with an industry expert, space to learn and showcase your talent in the real world. An opportunity to train with and prove yourself to the experts, innovators showcased in the ILM Book and legends of their respective fields. Prove yourself and stand a chance to intern with these Innovators; because we believe the best form of learning is learning on the Job.


 Most Importantly .........We have made a difference !