Our Team

It is not easy being awesome, but we do it in style. We are jacks of many trades and masters of at least one. We are #Yellow Collar Workers, and we use all our skills to create an eco-system in which teens can make educated career choices.
Mala Mary Martina
CEO and Founder

Mcube is the captain at the helm of I Love Mondays. Steering us into greater heights, she sets an example for growth that the rest hope to follow. She is a doer, a learner, a powerhouse of energy. But most of all she is a force to reckon with.

Shweta Sharan
Educational Journalist

Unlike Lex Luthor, Shweta Sharan uses positive ways to help 'I Love Mondays' take over the planet, one teen at a time. Apart from being ILM’s Development Strategist, she is also a journalist, a social media junkie and is obsessed with the future.

Executive Assistant

Sathya is an Executive Assistant at ‘I Love Mondays.’ Upbeat, self-motivated, ambitious and professional in every way, her energy constantly motivates everybody at ILM to get their tasks done and to inch one step closer to their goals.

Board of Advisors

They help steer our ship through the strongest of tempests. They are our #YellowCollarExperts par excellence who form our board of advisors.
  • monica mehta
    Monica Mehta

    Serial Education Entrepreneur | Ex-Director, Omidyar Network

  • anumonga
    Anu Monga

    Principal, Bangalore International School

  • usha
    Dr Usha Reddy

    CEO and Principal, Meridian Group of Schools

  • pavan
    Pavan Padaki

    Insight Guru | Author

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