Our Team

It is not easy being awesome, but we do it in style. We are jacks of many trades and masters of at least one. We are #Yellow Collar Workers, and we use all our skills to create an eco-system in which teens can make educated career choices.

Mala Mary Martina

Yellow Collar CEO
Chennai | India

Archana Nayak

Yellow Collar Coach
Bengaluru | India

Dr Meenu Margaret

Yellow Collar Psychologist
Medellin | Colombia

Jayashri S

Yellow Collar Assistant
Chennai | India

Swathika Ashok

Yellow Collar Biz Developer
Trichy | India

Shenbakam Natarajan

Yellow Collar Associate
Chennai | India

Board of Advisors

They help steer our ship through the strongest of tempests. They are our #YellowCollarExperts par excellence who form our board of advisors.
  • anumonga
    Anu Monga

    Principal, Bangalore International School

  • usha
    Dr Usha Reddy

    CEO and Principal, Meridian Group of Schools

  • pavan
    Pavan Padaki

    Insight Guru | Author

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