Everything you need to know about choosing the right career.

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SORTED helps you lay down the roadmap for your future with 3 simple steps

Who am I?

Get a glimpse of your own potential to help you see the big picture and get a new perspective on yourself with the Yellow Collar Quotient Analysis.

What are my career options?

Get a true understanding of what a career truly is and do it in style with our ILM original Virtual Reality videos.

How to choose the right career?

Interact with someone who understands - our Career Coaches, and figure out the direction to your future and the roadmap to a career you love.



If you want to gear up for the Future of Work – a world filled with Yellow Collar Careers, then SORTED will become your success Mantra. Put simply this app is all you need to #GetSORTED about careers.

Who am I?

More often than not, we tend to figure out what we are capable of based on someone else’s perspective instead of our own, and some of those opinions might be conflicting ending up in confusion. The Yellow Collar Quotient (YCQ) analysis helps you validate your own potential.

No right or wrong

The analysis simply maps behaviour to possible careers. There aren’t any right or wrong answers in it.

Suggestions not limits

The analysis results are suggestions based on our logic, not a hard and fast rule. It is a good starting point to explore careers.

Exploring Careers

For the first time ever, we have used Virtual Reality as a medium to virtually transport you to the not so easily accessible world of various careers. Witness, fall in love and conquer the world of careers you love. Determine your career path.

In-Video Info

Information popups add to your understanding of the career in virtual reality to enhance your knowledge.

360° perspective

You get an uninhibited 360° view of the work environment of the career and what composes it.

Career Coaching

Talk to experts and get help in laying out the road map to successful career planning in career and have it validated.

Goal Setting

Expert Career coaches help you through the process of goal setting and working backwards to ensure you identify a career you love

From the comfort of home

Interact with an expert career advisor, in the presence of your parent from home. We bring career coaching to where you are.

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It is a one stop shop solution to all you need to know about careers. Figure out what the future looks like, what you need to be doing in order to succeed and love your career while you are at it.

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SORTED is the MUST HAVE career app for next generation of careers.
Are you ready to conquer the Future of Work? Then download now!

Latest in Future of Work

The world is changing at a rapid pace; Stay updated with latest in the world of careers with us




  • YCQ assessment
  • 22+ VR Career videos
  • Career Roadmap
  • 21 Industries Resources
  • 200+ Career Resources
  • People to follow
  • Books to read
  • Videos to watch
  • Articles to know from
  • Latest news in Careers
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  • What is I Love Mondays?
    I Love Mondays helps teens find careers they love! And in order to help you make educated career choices we’ve brought to you SORTED to help you #GetSORTED about careers
  • Why is SORTED so awesome?
    Cause we are pioneers in the field of career guidance. For the first time in the world Virtual Reality to give you a glimpse of careers! Also once you #GetSORTED you’ll have everything you ever need to make identifying a career you love super easy.
  • Is SORTED available for free download?
    Absolutely! You can go download it from Google Playstore right now. You’ll only have to pay for accessing VR videos and getting coaching sessions for now (trust me, it is totally worth it). Everything else is free for you to explore and make a choice.
  • How often can I use the app?
    As often as you want to, to get more clarity on careers and also to simply have fun.
  • What ages is the app suited for?
    It can be used by anyone who is looking to identify a career they love, but it is a must-have for students of 13-19 years of age trying to get a gauge of where their life is headed.
  • What does the app help you do?
    SORTED lets you talk to people who can help you clear out the fog of confusion on the way forward. You also get to explore careers in Virtual Reality for the first time in the world (yep we’re proud of it), and you’ll find a ton of info on various careers in our career resources.
  • Why do I need career guidance?
    When you need advice on legal matters you go to a lawyer. When you need an opinion on a medical condition you go to a doctor. And when you need validation or clarity on careers you talk to a career coach from I Love Mondays. It’s as simple as that.
  • Why is exploring careers in Virtual Reality important?
    Well for starters it’s super cool. And also, it’s really difficult to go to work environments physically to explore them each time, not to mention it’s not something you’ll get to repeat a lot of times. But with VR, you’re virtually there – be it a professional kitchen, an operation theatre or inside a software company. And guess what, you can visit the place virtually as many times as you want giving you a legit reality check.
  • What is Virtual Reality?
    It’s tough to take you to every place physically, so we record the image of a place from a 360’ angle, so much so that when you see it using a VR gear(see next question) makes you feel like you’re standing right there.
  • What is a VR gear?
    A kind of glass that into which when you play a VR video on your smartphone and insert, you’ll be able to look at the Virtual Reality world.
  • How do I choose the right VR gear?
    On our app, we’ve compared some of the good VR gears in the market today. Take a look at them and figure out what suits you best and falls in your budget and go for it.
  • What is a gyroscope?
    It’s a device in your mobile that helps your smartphone figure out which direction of Virtual reality you’re looking at. If your smartphone doesn’t have a gyroscope (some don’t have it to cut costs) then you should try using someone else’s phone at home to view the VR videos alone.
  • How does Career counselling/coaching happen in the app?
    You schedule a coaching session with the coach on the app, connect to the online room through the app and get on a video call with career coach, the student and the parent. Have a discussion and get clarity on the road ahead then disconnect. A report based on the discussion will uploaded to your profile post the discussion.
  • How do I know my Phone supports VR?
    When you download our app on the playstore, we’ve given out a set of specifications for your phone.
  • Is there an iOS version of SORTED?
    Not yet, but it is on it’s way soon.
  • What is YCQ?
    The Yellow Collar Quotient analyzes behaviour with the help of some very easy questions for example - do you like doing sudoku? To which there is no right or wrong answers but help us understand you better and figure out the right career for you.
  • How are parents involved with SORTED?
    Parents are a part of the coaching process and are sent a report post each coaching session to help them keep updated on the progress of their child.

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