Not sure of what you want to do?
Sort of have an idea about what you want to do but need help getting clarity?
Have perfect clarity on what you want to do, and are waiting find out how it feels to actually do what you love?
We help find answers to all these questions and more through our programs designed to give you a clear picture of the way forward and a hands on experience of careers! Find out what we have in store for you!

Programs for schools


Career Awareness Session

Open up your mind to the different possibilities of careers available today. Mix fun with learning in the same session.


The Explorer Project - Film

Explore 25+careers using film as a medium, work on your own project over the workshops with renowned innovators in the field and showcase your own film as the badge of honour.


The Explorer Project – Electives

If you already have an inkling as to where you’re headed and want to explore possibilities in a particular field, pick an elective and make headway into the field like never before with a celebrity workshop.

Programs for individuals


Junior Apprenticeship Program

JAP is an end-to-end customized program. With JAP, ILM facilitates an apprenticeship in your chosen career with an Innovator who is among the best in the industry for the career. Every aspect of the program will be designed to equip you with credible knowledge and beyond everything an experience and taste of the industry you want to build a career in.


ILM Package

A perfectly designed program for those of you who need to make a decision immediately about what stream to pick, which degree to pursue, what career to aim for. We offer you complete career guidance at the comfort of your own home.


ILM Book -

your next gen career guide

The ‘I Love Mondays’ book is the first of its kind book on the next generation of careers in India. It features conversations with the ILM innovators who are the best of the best in their industry.​ It also is a treasure trove of information about elements of success, super cool and informative infographics, scribble space to personalize the book and much more!
Buy this bestseller today!
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