ILM Package

If you are confused about which educational path to choose in order to reach the right
career goal, the ILM Package is just what you’re looking for.
Providing you with a clear roadmap of your way ahead, the resources you would need along the journey, the ILM book to expand your horizons, not to mention amazing and in-depth counselling sessions to clarify all your career queries, ILM package is really the complete package, cause it has all of this and more.

Yellow Collar Quotient(YCQ)

We analyze your behavior patterns with the help of very simple questions that help us understand you better and map that to the right career for you, a career you will Love!

Expert Career Coach

2 sessions of Career coaching with our expert counselors. The sessions will happen over Skype, with the counselor, the teenager and the parent discuss together and find out the right career path for the teenager based upon the YCQ analysis from the first step, and the points of interest that come up during discussion.


Our expert counselor would help you build a roadmap of success for the future that would lead to a career you love.

I Love Mondays Book

India's first book on Next generation careers, the bestseller written by our CEO Mala Mary Martina(MCube). A treasure trove of amazing information about 45 different innovators(industry leaders), infographics, power-up phrases, scribble space to add your comments and observations to personalize the book and much more.

E- Resources

Extensive resources regarding the career path you choose to help you with your journey.

VR Career Videos

Not all of us have access to careers of the future. Get Virtual Reality experiences of 22+ careers at your fingertips. All you need is your phone and a VR gear [ optional for a more immersive experience ] These VR videos help get a perception of what the career really LOOKS like.