About Us

Why do we do what we do?
‘’ 90% of the people in the world have made the wrong career choice’’– forbes
And why is that? Because they have made this choice based on tests,that measure only one part of
our intelligence and someone else’s opinions and advice on what is the right future for us.
How do we change it?
As children we learn what to do by exploring the world around us, so why not do the same thing for careers?
At I Love Mondays, we provide teens a unique way to explore careers and enable you to make an educated career choice. Yes you read that right!
We don’t make the choice for you, we enable you to make the right choice for yourself.
What have we accomplished with this?
We have impacted 10,000+ kids across 30+ schools by helping them experience 160+ careers, and guess what?
They Love it.

How can you Love your Mondays?

It is really quite simple. Figure out the answer to three simple questions.
I Love Mondays helps teens do what they love, lets them know how
they can become really good at it and connect them to the right people to become successful.
We help teens find #YellowCollarCareer
Find out more through the Tedx talk Video Of Our CEO Mcube
and that of our three awesome ninjas Naina, Annie and Rashmi.

Hear it from MCube herself about turning your passion into profession, mediocre into awesome, just another job to a #YellowCollarCareer


Witness the group TEDx talk from Naina, Annie and Rashmi , change your perceptions and find out more about how Yellow is the new pink!


  •   10,000 students
  •   30 schools
  •   5 cities